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Two well-selling jammers from Lintratek

What is jammer?

In mobile computing, a jammer is a mobile communications device that transmits on the same frequency range as a cellphone to create strong cell tower interference and block cellphone signals and call transmission.In addition, it can also interfere with GPS, WiFi, and BT signals.
Jammers are usually undetectable, and users may experience minimal effects such as poor signal reception. Jamming devices may be used in any location,such as in libraries and school.

Type of Jammer

Jammer from Lintratek have some models,mainly divided into two shapes:

*Portable and compact devices, like mobile phones
*Box-shaped units that are similar to routers,like mobile signal repeater

Handheld jammers are capable of disrupting signals within nine to 30 meters, while more powerful jammers create a huge bubble stretching as far as a mile or 1.6 kilometers.

Mainly used in these 4 place

In the examination rooms, conference rooms, prisons and other confidential places, we can see the mobile phone signal jammer. From the working principle of mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone signal jammer is a kind of wireless device that can block mobile phone communication, which Can form a blind spot of the shield in the mobile phone signal jammer normal use range, making the mobile phone signal can't transmit normally. In today’s information-based society, people’s demand for information is huge, and confidentiality has naturally attracted people’s attention.