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Real question from Amazon Canada station members


We have compiled some representative questions and answers and hope to help you.

1.When mounting my external antenna so I have to point it towards my providers closer tower or any tower?
asked on March 12, 2018

Answer:You should point it toward your providers tower for the best reception. 
Look at the bar display to see how good the reception is, Adjust accordingly. 

Susan Busse answered on March 13, 2018

2.Is there a mounting bracket for the outside antenna? Can it go on the outside house Brick wall as opposed to roof?
asked on June 26, 2018

Answer:The standard outside antenna bracket is designed to mount on a steel or wooden pole. You could easily modify the bracket to mount on a wall. 
Glenn R answered on June 26, 2018

Answer:The outside antenna has a bracket with 2 u-bolts that can be attached to a pipe ( approx 1 1/2"diam) 
You may fabricate or buy an attachment that can be fixed to a brick wall. 
I fixed a pipe to the side flashing of my cottage and fastened the 2 u-bolts to the pipe. 

Amazon Customer answered on June 27, 2018

3.For installation purpose, does the indoor antenna broadcast signal in a specific direction (i.e. cone of 45 to 90') or a broad direction (365')?
asked on May 29, 2018

Answer:Hello, friend! The indoor antenna is panel antenna, so the signal has a specific direction (about 60'), which can cover 3,500 square feet without barriers. 
If there are any other problems, feel free to contact us, thank you a lot! 

By Lintratek SELLER  on May 29, 2018

4.Is the vertical separation really 1.5m? Most seem to be 15 ft?
asked on May 31, 2018

Answer: Hello, friend! Parallel separation between indoor and outdoor antennas needs to be more than 8 meters (about 26 ft). The vertical separation needs to be more than 1.5 meters (about 5 ft), but you have better install the outdoor antenna as high as possible. 
Hope this is hopeful to you! If there are any other problem, please feel free to contact us, thank you! see less 
By Lintratek SELLER  on June 4, 2018

5.Fonctionne tu bien pour Québec Canada?
asked on July 10, 2018

Answer: Très bien au Québec avec Rogers.
daniel answered on July 14, 2018

Answer:Fonctionne très bien au Québec et au canada . . !! Je suis avec Bell et ça fonctionne même au sous-sol . .. ! Ciaoo.!! 
michel forcier answered on July 10, 2018

6.Will this work with the Sasktel cellular system?
asked on May 31, 2018

Answer:Rogers perfect 
daniel answered on May 31, 2018

Answer:Hello, friend! This item works for band 4, if your 4G band is band 4, it will works. 
If you are not sure what frequency band of your 4G network. You can download an App: LTE Discovery 
Hope this will be helpful to you. Have a nice day! 
Lintratek SELLER answered on May 31, 2018

7.Can you hook up multiple phones at the same time?
asked on July 15, 2018

Answer:Hello friend! 
There is no limit to the number of mobile phones. As long as the frequency of mobile phone match the frequency of amplifier, the signal of mobile phone can be amplified. 
Hope this is helpful to you. If there are any other problem, please feel free to contact us, thank you a lot! 
Lintratek SELLER answered on July 16, 2018

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask through various contact methods, we will give you the reply ASAP.