What is the difference between single band,dual band tri band and multifold band(five band)?

We witnessed the birth of 3G 4G, and the 5G era will soon come.

People are increasingly demanding the speed of mobile internet.Maybe you will meet most situation,like dropped calls,poor voice quality,download speed is slow and others.

Most time you need a mobile signal booster,a reliable network is your assistant to improve your mobile bill.So which cell phone amplifier do we really need?What is the difference between single frequency, dual frequency, tri-frequency and multi-frequency?

When you click on the product to browse, the location of the product will tell you which type the product belongs to.

Single band booster
*Means one amplifier corresponds to one frequency.

For example,model kw16l:

In the frequency tab, you can only select one frequency, meaning that one amplifier can only enhance the corresponding frequency.

Dual band booster
Means one amplifier corresponds to two frequencies.

Model kw17l:

Similarly,in the frequency tab you can only select one option,each option corresponds to two frequencies.

"GSM 900MHz+DCS 1800"means the booster can work for this two frequencies.

Tri band booster
*Means one amplifier corresponds to three frequencies.

Model kw20l-GDW:

As you can see, each tab contains three frequencies."900MHz+1800+2100"means the booster can work for GSM 900MHz,DCS 1800MHz and WCDMA 2100MHz.

Multi-band booster
*Means one amplifier corresponds to five frequencies.

Model kw12d and kw13d:

In the description of the product, you can see the frequency of the five-frequency product.

If you don't know what frequency you should choose, you can go through the website:https://www.frequencycheck.com/​​​​​​​

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