What's The Difference Between The Lintratek Drive KW12D-LGDWL & Drive KW13D-LGDWL?

The model KW12D and KW13D both are cell phone signal amplifier for home and car use.As a five band booster,it can enhance 800/900/1800/2100/2600mhz frequncy at the same time,and it is suitable for all carriers in Europe.They are very popular units,let's see what they have in common.

They have the following similarities:

• They enhance 3G & 4G LTE signals,ending dropped calls,slove the slow internet.
• Their signal frequency are the same: 800/900/1800/2100/2600mhz.
• Same gain: 65db.
• Same coverage: about 500 sqm.
• Both has ALC function.

However, they also have three differences in comparison

• They have different output power.

What is the impact of this?

The higher the power, the more indoor antennas can be connected.

• LCD Screen

Appearance,KW13D have lcd screen,KW12D no lcd screen,we can use the signal light to determine if the frequency is working.

• AGC & MGC Function

KW12D:With AGC Function

KW13D:With AGC and MGC Function

AGC function can adjust Gain automatically, so that your mobile phone can get the best signal while it doesn't interference with signals of your neighbour. Besides, you can adjust the booster manually to get the best gain. The most improtant thing is Manual Gain Control can protect the circuit.


In general, both products work flawlessly in homes, offices, shops, and more.They are more than enough to get a boosted signal. Learn more about both products below: